Dongguan Yuxuan Supply Chain Co., Ltd. was registered in 2007 on the import and export bank of Changping International Express Parts in Dongguan. The company was established at the beginning of the development of domestic and foreign logistics express delivery, and signed an agreement on TNT UPS DHL FedEx to become an international freight forwarder, providing Chinese-Hong Kong commercial express Export customs agents, logistics companies in Southeast Asia such as Vietnam and Myanmar, and bonded logistics businesses. Based on the various requirements of cross-border e-commerce, based on the global supply chain integration, the establishment of customs declaration companies in cities such as Xi'an, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Shijiazhuang, Nanning, and Nanchang, China is a new cross-border e-commerce logistics integrated service platform. , To provide cross-border customs clearance comprehensive services for domestic and overseas cross-border e-commerce companies and overseas transshipment and personal purchasing groups, which are more rapid, convenient, low-cost, high-quality and high-standard. To achieve a single global cargo in the end, the project includes cross-border e-commerce import customs clearance, customs clearance, commercial express import solutions.

Committed to opening up the bottlenecks of international e-commerce companies, traditional cross-border trade companies, overseas purchasing companies, transshipment companies, purchasing platforms, imported e-commerce, etc.; customs clearance process IT, Customs EDI system docking, use forecast off mode, (in advance understanding of each (Taxes and Fees), shortening the time for customs clearance, tracking the entire waybill, real-time monitoring of the status of freight transportation, order clearance, parcel delivery, etc.; striving to provide cross-border online shopping consumers with cross-border logistics solutions based on Internet information technology, including cross-border trade Relevant logistics (overseas delivery - overseas warehousing, overseas customs clearance - import and export transportation, Hong Kong warehousing, sorting, packaging, value-added services, customs data exchange, electronic customs clearance, domestic delivery, payment, marketing, after-sales, etc.) Reduce the overall cost of the link.



As an expert of commodity logistics supply chain, Yu Xuan supply chain always promotes the flattening of the real world as a development goal, and creates a cross-border, non-different online shopping experience for end customers.


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