1. Special statement:

If the sender delivers items worth more than US$100 or equivalent, he shall truthfully declare to the company at the time of delivery. If the sender does not declare, the company has the right to dispose of items that do not exceed $100 or equivalent. If the sender believes that the provisions of this clause concerning compensation are not sufficient to compensate for the loss, the company recommends to choose the insured service for items worth more than $100 or equivalent.

2. In order to ensure the safe delivery of the consignment, the sender should fulfill the following obligations when sending it:

1) Deliver the content and value of the consignment truthfully, and accurately and clearly fill in the sender's and recipient's name, address, and telephone number. For users whose information is incomplete and false, Yu Xuan has the right to terminate or refuse to accept service entrustment.

2) According to the nature of the consignment (especially fragile goods, cosmetics), provide sufficient packaging that meets international shipping requirements to ensure the safe delivery of the consignment. The contract for the size and weight of the goods is: the maximum length of a single package does not exceed 180cm, the sum of the three sides does not exceed 300cm; and the weight of a single piece does not exceed 50kg.

3) The company has the right to conduct inspection of the consignment according to law. If it is found that the prohibition of mailing or the restriction of the delivery of the goods, it has the right to transfer to the relevant department for handling, and cooperate with relevant departments to investigate the sender's legal liability for illegal delivery. For a list of specific prohibited items, please refer to the "embargo list" attached to this site.

3. Agreement on services and fees:

1) If there is a new service requirement not covered by this contract, please contact your customer representative or a dedicated sales person.

2) For consignments that cannot be delivered, if the sender requests to return, the return expenses will be borne by the sender.

3) Courier charges shall be charged according to the calculation standards agreed upon by the company in the public announcement or in the written agreement between the parties. If one party requests that the courier cost calculation error be corrected, the other party shall actively cooperate with the correction.

4) The fee settlement period is based on the company's external public settlement standard or the contractual settlement period.

4. About the compensation agreement:

1) Out-of-guaranteed express claims: If the sender did not choose the insured price, the maximum compensation of the company shall not exceed 100 US dollars or shall be subject to the terms of the contract between the parties.

2) Insured express claim: If the sender selects the insured price and pays the insured price, if the insured item is lost, damaged or missing, the company will compensate according to the insured amount and the loss, and the maximum amount will not exceed the amount of the actual loss of the consignment.

3) The residual value of the consignment shall be negotiated between the company and the sender. If the return is sent to the sender, the company will deduct the salvage value when approving the compensation amount.

5. Disclaimer

1) Yu Xuan shall not be liable for any indirect, incidental, incidental, derivative, or indirect damages not listed above.

2) Yu Xuan shall not be responsible for any loss, damage, shortfall, delay, confiscation, etc. caused by, but not limited to, any of the following reasons, and will not take any cost adjustments, refunds, compensation, compensation, and retain Legal rights to protect their reputation and interests.

a) The sender violates the Yuxuan service agreement and terms, including but not limited to the shipment of embargoed items, false declarations, unclear information on the waybill, etc.

b) The defects, defects, characteristics, and packaging of the consignment are not suitable for the operation and transportation of cross-border logistics.

c) Fragile and easily damaged items are not reinforced.

d) Insured items are not selected for valuable and easily lost items.

e) When the recipient receives the item, the outer package is in good condition and the contents are broken or missing.

f) Delays caused by customs, quarantine, or other competent authorities performing relevant regulatory procedures.

g) The negligence or inaction of the sender or recipient, including but not limited to: the name of the mailing or addressee, the contact information is unclear or incomplete, and the mailing or the addressee has not confirmed and paid the tariff in time; Or the recipient's wrong verbal or written instructions; the recipient cannot contact or reject without reason.

3) In the event of force majeure described above, Yu Xuan will make reasonable efforts to achieve the service commitment as far as possible and try to avoid or recover the losses.

6. If there is no agreement on the provisions of this contract, or if the terms of the contract conflict with the relevant laws, regulations and standards of the country, it shall be implemented in accordance with relevant regulations. In the event of disputes and disputes, both parties will first negotiate on the principle of friendly consultation. If the negotiations fail, this agreement stipulates that any disputes arising out of this contract or related to this contract shall be submitted to China International Economic and Trade Co., Ltd. in Beijing. The Arbitration Commission shall arbitrate according to the current effective arbitration rules of the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission when the arbitration application is filed. The arbitral award is final and binding on both parties.