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How to declare the wrong weight of goods when importing customs declaration

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, there are more and more goods in import and export BC directly mail customs clearance goods. To engage in import and export trade, we need to know not only the relevant rules of international trade, but also the relevant customs policies and customs declaration processes. Only the correct operation can guarantee the free and rapid circulation of goods. . What if the declaration of cargo weight is wrong when importing declaration? The following little editor to introduce to you.

 Error analysis of weight declaration:
First of all, the air transport, the volume of shipping accounting and the weight according to the principle of big, but can not be reported but not too large, for example, the declaration of five tons, the actual seven tons, in the customs inspection will be abnormal, and then transferred to the smuggling division.
It is also the import declaration must be declared truthfully, not the existence of subjective intention, not deliberately concealed, this is an important basis for the administrative punishment of customs, some people may say sometimes a slip of the pen, there will be a fact based on this situation, access can not be too big. Declaring is a serious and important matter, which means more loss of cost.
  Weight declaration error handling process:
1, for relatively mild, a little access to the customs will not be investigated, the inspection site found the weight error, as far as possible to communicate with Customs personnel, explain the reasons, many enterprises to declare, did not encounter similar problems, do not know and deal with, customs inspection goods, declaring on-site cooperation, generally in the wide range State declaration, Shenzhen customs declaration, daily processing of import business, and customs have a certain contact, in conjunction with the genius of communication technology to eliminate many problems.
2, the weight declaration of the error, the situation is not very serious, no subjective intention, smuggling and entrainment of suspicion, according to customs declaration management measures can be implemented to return a list, and then according to the correct weight to declare.
3, the declaration error is very serious, the customs have reported the smuggling department, it is necessary to prepare the information, packing list, trade contract, analysis of the cause of the error according to the requirements of the smuggling department, the comprehensive section of the anti smuggling section, and the comprehensive section to make a new declaration according to the regulations of the declaration management, and carry out the punishment in accordance with the regulations of the administrative punishment of the Hai Guan. And smuggling must be dealt with in accordance with the criminal law.
  The above content is the summary of what to do about the declaration error of the weight of goods when importing customs declaration. I want to know more about the overseas BC direct mail clearance details.
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