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What are the conditions for the export tax rebate of enterprises

In our life, there will be a lot of import and export products, now more and more import and export business, but a lot of people will not know a lot of relevant knowledge, such as enterprise export tax refund need to meet those conditions? The following is explained by the import package tax direct mail clearance.Export tax rebates refer to the value-added tax and consumption tax paid to export goods in the domestic consumption and circulation sectors, so that domestic products are not taxing.Capital will enter the international market and compete with foreign products under the same conditions, so as to enhance competition and expand export earnings. The international things of the hang Bang Acting as an agent for import and export trade, we will handle customs declaration and export rebate procedures for customers, and escort the import and export trade of enterprises. 

One. Conditions for export tax rebate
1.goods must be collected within the scope of value-added tax and consumption tax.
2. it is necessary for the goods to be exported from the customs clearance.
3., goods must be sold and disposed of in financial terms;
4. must be the goods that have been collected and written off.
  Two. Submitting materials for export tax rebates
1. summary declaration form of export tax rebate for foreign trade enterprises
2. export tax refund export declaration form
3. declaration form of export tax refund for foreign trade enterprises
4. electronic declaration data of export tax refund for foreign trade enterprises
5. customs declaration for export goods (special export tax refund)
6. certified VAT invoices (offset couplet) shall provide the batch export declaration of export tax rebates for foreign trade enterprises.
And the copy of the original VAT special invoice.
7. export invoice, consumption tax (export tax refund only) payment book or export goods tax payment splitting list, if it belongs to other foreign trade enterprise agents.
Export goods must also be provided with the certificate of agent export.
Three. Export tax rebate process
Collecting tax rebate vouchers, entering data in the export tax rebate declaration system, declaring data after preliminary examination, printing declaration forms, binding tax refund documents, and applying formally.
The tax authorities shall examine and approve the tax and refund the treasury from the state treasury. If you fail to apply for export tax rebate and export tax rebate declaration, Heng Bangqing will not do so.
The company gives customs guidance and helps enterprises enhance their international competitiveness.
The above is the introduction of the export tax rebate to meet those conditions. For more details about import package tax, direct mail clearance, please welcome to our website.
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