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How the imported flowers are shipped to domestic sales

With the improvement of people's living standard, the rate of flower import has increased in recent years. On the one hand, the domestic flower market needs to increase the high quality and new varieties, on the other hand, the cost of international logistics is reduced, so more and more imported flowers have entered the domestic market. So how do the imported flowers be shipped to the domestic market? The following overseas BC direct mail clearance for everyone to explain.

1. The origin of imported flowers

Holland is the main importer of flower products in China, creating a world-class greenhouse system and flower production equipment, ensuring that flowers are not affected by natural climate. Computer controlled heating and cooling systems, irrigation systems and climate control create the most suitable conditions for flower growth, reducing costs and improving quality.

2. Kinds of imported flowers
China's imports of flowers are classified as fresh cut flowers and dried cut flowers. 2018 Valentine's day and the Spring Festival encounter, drive flowers consumption greatly, like Ecuador rose because of its big buds, long flowers, rich color and long preservation time and other characteristics are recognized as the world's top roses. Thanks to the great domestic flower arrangement, dry cut flowers grew sharply last year and became the fifth largest flower consumption country in the world.
3. Customs clearance and transportation of imported flowers
1. imported flowers are transported to the domestic airport by air, and the import materials are arranged in advance to the inspection of the commodity inspection.
2. fresh flowers are required to be packaged separately. Foreign suppliers provide official inspection reports and certificate of origin, without soil and seed, and can not be rotted, deteriorated, diseases and insect pests.
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